A quick guide to help you choose the right maternity bra.


Pregnancy and motherhood can be overwhelming. Everything is new and quite often you'll have zero experience in any of it! We've put together a few helpful tips to make choosing your nursing bra a little easier and have given a run-down about each of our different styles! We hope this helps, but remember, our helpful team of experts are always here to answer any other queries you may have.

  1. You'll need at least 3 maternity bras during your breastfeeding journey... 1 on the body, 1 in the wash, 1 in the drawer.

  2. If you're feeling a little uncertain about what size you'll need, try our flexible multi-fit maternity bra styles, these will stretch with you while you are fluctuating. Alternatively, our Fit Quiz can guide you to the right bra size.

  3. Change to a maternity bra or nursing bra as soon as your current bra begins to feel uncomfortable. There is no right time, it's simply when it feels right for you.

  4. Don't forget that the maternity bras you purchase early in pregnancy can often be worn again later, during breastfeeding, when your milk settles.

  5. If your purchase isn't quite right, don't worry, you can return your garments for a store credit, refund or exchange.


No wire dreamy comfort

Combined function with no wire comfort. Designed with carefully place seams and structure for ultimate support and comfort without the wire. All day and night bras, perfect for hospital, sleep and day wear.


Need now stretch and grow bras

Wirefree maternity bra styles that stretch and grow with you across multiple cup sizes. Perfect for changing breast shape during pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding, sleep and cosy around the home.


Luxury redefined flexi-wire

Flexi-wire maternity bra styles are different to normal underwire bras and offer impecable shape & support to give you that lift and look you love. Perfect for all day wear or special occasions. Note: It is recommended to wear a wirefree bra during the initial stages of breastfeeding.


Smooth every day contoured bra

The T-shirt maternity bra is perfect for everyday wear. Moulded foam cups create a beautiful shape while remaining subtle under clothing. 


Made for comfort and ease

Sleep glorious sleep! Our maternity sleepwear is supportive, breathable, and incredibly soft, perfect for those long nights. 


Versatile bra for busy mums

This innovative breast pump bra is also your go-to nursing bra— Cotton lined with stylish silver magnetic nursing clips. Perfect for the busy mum who likes to switch between pumping and breastfeeding.


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