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Packing your maternity hospital bag can feel like a lot of pressure, I’m here to help you take that pressure off!!

Often you tend to overpack for the hospital, remember you may only be in the hospital for a few days and your partner will be able to go home to grab more clothes, nursing bras, maternity underwear and any extras. I am a massive fan of separating your maternity hospital bag into two sides – one for labour and one for after birth and then having a separate baby bag (which you can keep in the car until after baby is born).

In the labour bag pack:

  • Your birth plan
  • Any items from home that you want to bring to make your birth room more comfortable (Oil diffuser, speaker, blanket/pillow etc)
  • Phone chargers
  • Phone/Camera
  • Heat pack
  • A zip lock bag with everything you will need for your first shower after birth (clothes/pad/toiletries)

In the postpartum bag:

Babies really don’t need many items in those first few days. The main things are keeping them warm. 

In your baby bag pack:

  • Nappies and wipes
  • Onsies (long sleeve without the legs are the best for hospital)
  • Stretchy swaddles (the bigger the better)
  • Singlets
  • Going home outfit
  • Formula and bottles, just in case.

It is not recommended to use dummies in the first 6 weeks (if you are breastfeeding) so that babies are able to develop the sucking mechanisms and muscles for breastfeeding. If you are choosing to use a dummy and want to use one in the first 6 weeks, then you will need to pack these as the hospitals don’t provide them.

Remember, less is more when it comes to packing yours and baby’s hospital bag. So, get excited and get packing!!!

Lauren xx
One Mama Midwife


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