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The Ultimate Guide to Picking Best Maternity Leggings

By Jesse Cameron

Pregnancy and postpartum leggings are a staple in most new or expectant mama's wardrobe. These specialized leggings are designed to provide support, comfort, and versatility...

Meet True Luxe Persian Rose and the designer behind the sexy set

By Jesse Cameron

Wendy, a remarkable individual, is the technical fit expert at Hotmilk Lingerie. With her arrival in 2011, she brought an immense creative energy that has...

Hotmilk welcomes back the thong with daring new range Goddess!

By Jesse Cameron

Hotmilk has been creating functional, sexy maternity lingerie for over 15 years; and while the phrase ‘what goes around comes around’ often comes across as...

A quick guide to help you choose the right maternity bra.

By Michelle Radley

FEELING OVERWHELMED? Pregnancy and motherhood can be overwhelming. Everything is new and quite often you'll have zero experience in any of it! We've put together...

When to start wearing a maternity bra?

By Admin .

There are so many different stages of motherhood, from conceiving to the first trimester, postpartum and beyond! We do as much preparation as possible for...

Maternity Bras for all bust sizes

By Michelle Radley

Inclusive sizing is and will always be a key pillar for the Hotmilk brand. As a team of women of all shapes and sizes, we...