Welcome to the world of motherhood, where every moment is an adventure and every milestone is a cause for celebration. Here at the Hotmilk Blog, we're your passport to the most exciting and empowering journey of your life, insights into motherhood, breastfeeding, and the world of maternity lingerie and nursing bras.

12 Ways to Prepare for Motherhood, but Most Importantly - Enjoy It!

By Jesse Cameron

Preparing for motherhood is an exciting yet transformative journey filled with countless joys, challenges, and moments of wonder. It's a transformative experience that brings new...

The best things about living the simple life with surfer, business owner, mum and partner, Emma Bäcklund

By Michelle Radley

Emma Bäcklund has her hands full; she juggles running a sustainable swimwear label, surfing, being a mama to Hendrix, and living in a bus! We...

Changing the perception of birth - Jordyn from Kiwi Birth Tales shares her insight.

By Michelle Radley

Jordyn from Kiwi Birth Tales shares birthing stories from mamas all over New Zealand through her Kiwi Birth Tales podcast and also via her website....

When to start wearing a maternity bra?

By Admin .

There are so many different stages of motherhood, from conceiving to the first trimester, postpartum and beyond! We do as much preparation as possible for...

Key points you need to know for the postnatal period.

By Michelle Radley

Planning for, preparing and honouring the postnatal period is our passion! We believe it is the most overlooked aspect of motherhood and this has been...

Emily Jensen Nutrition - A bump in my breastfeeding journey

By Michelle Radley

There’s no denying it. Breastfeeding isn’t always an easy journey! From supply issues, sore nipples, to finding that perfect latch – not to mention dreaded...

The 4th Trimester - the best way to survive as told by you!

By Admin .

We've collated the top tips from our followers on ways to survive and get through those first few weeks on being a mum to a...

Hotmilk Style Guide - Dress for the Ocassion

By Michelle Radley

Every morning when you wake up and get dressed you think about what you have planned for the day and choose the correct attire to...

Breastfeeding Milestones - A Step By Step Guide To What Bras You Need

By Michelle Radley

When you find out your pregnant for the first time, you’re overcome with joy and excitement. However this can all change once baby arrives. You...

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