Supporting mothers one maternity bra at a time.

At Hotmilk, we believe all women should feel their best during pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond.
Every year, we donate hundreds of maternity bras and briefs to support this cause. Recently, we dropped off boxes of our maternity and nursing lingerie to the charity - Loving Arms 

Loving Arms share a similar vision to us. They want to see every baby born in the community adequately clothed and provided for and every new mother and family adequately cared for and supported. We love their crusade and were chuffed that we could help. To learn more about Loving Arms, get involved or look for support, visit - Loving Arms

We always say that mothers need two-three maternity bras. One on the body, one in the drawer and one in the wash. We hope that by making donations to an organisation like Loving Arms, this will be achievable for all mothers. 


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