Meet Haylee


Personal trainer & wellness coach as well as an incredible mama to her beautiful baby girl, born 2019.
Haylee was 9 weeks post partum when she applied to be apart of our photoshoot which is just amazing, A real inspiration to everyone!

How did you feel about the changes to your body before the shoot?

When I was pregnant and after I had my wee Pippa, I found it really hard to adjust to the changes in my body. Especially the stretch marks all over my breasts, I was extremely embarrassed about my partner seeing them so I would always wear clothes and pyjamas that hid each of them.

How did the shoot and wearing Hotmilk Lingerie make you feel afterwards?

After the shoot and wearing the hotmilk lingerie it made me realise that I’m not the only one who feels like this or experienced having stretch marks and changes to my body. Wearing the lingerie made me feel somewhat “sexy” as soon as I got home I was happily walking around the house in ONLY the lingerie (undies and a singlet!). I find that even wearing lingerie makes you feel a million times better. I think it’s so important to purchase clothing and under garments that make you feel sexy! Because birth doesn’t feel sexy at all!

What’s the top tip you’d give to a new mother?

One thing I wish I knew before having Pippa was that your not the only one feeling this way. It’s natural to feel guilty and like a “bad mom” because we only want what’s best for our little ones! It’s so important to know that your not alone!

What’s the best thing about being a mother?

Best thing about being a mother is knowing that our little ones are OUR little ones, not anyone else’s. I used to hear everyone talking about having this special connection with their little ones and I never believed it untill I experienced it. It’s like no other love.