Fitting your new Hotmilk bra


These are the steps which need to be taken to make sure your nursing bra is a perfect fit and can be used to re-adjust your bra at any time you feel you need to. But remember, if it continues to feel restrictive, it’s time for a new size and/or shape…





1. Before fitting the nursing bra, extend the shoulder straps out right to the end.
2. Slip the straps over your shoulders  and whilst holding both ends
of the bra, lean forward into the bra so your bust will fall naturally into the cups.
3. Stand up straight and fasten the back closure to the second tightest set of eyes. All Hotmilk bras have 6 rows of hook & eyes to provide room for expansion in the diaphragm, which will allow for the bra to be loosened (on average) one set of eyes per month during pregnancy.
Note: If you are 7-8 months pregnant when you are being fitted, the bra should be fastened on one of the looser set of eyes.
4. Pull the bra down firmly to position the back fastening underneath the shoulder blades.
5. Lift your bust into the bra cups by using the opposite hand to the breast - just like in the image above. This ensures the breast is correctly positioned in the cup and isn’t sitting under the band or spilling over the top of the underarm.
Note: There should be enough room in the cup for you to slide your hand into the upper cup for expansion when the milk flow arrives.
6. Lastly adjust your shoulder straps so they give a firm but comfortable uplift to your bust.