Planning a Babymoon: What you need to know!

Couple on a Babymoon

Congratulations mama! We hope your pregnancy is going well and you are feeling great. Whether this is your first baby or you are expanding your family, getting organised for when the baby arrives is busy! One way to de-stress during this time is to take a Babymoon. A Babymoon is a short getaway for the parents before the baby arrives or a girl's trip for the mama-to-be. However you choose to Babymoon, it is a fantastic chance to fill your cup up, and we cannot recommend it enough. Here are our top tips on planning your Babymoon, when and where to go and what to pack. 

Types of Babymoons 

Firstly you need to decide what trip you want to take. If you are already a mum, getting away together can be difficult for you and your partner, so a girl's trip might be on the cards. The girlfriend getaway gives the expectant mum a chance to reconnect with friends and have some fun. We suggest trips to the spa, long lunches, chick flicks and plenty of naps. 

If you and your partner can escape for a Babymoon, amazing! This is an excellent chance to invest in your relationship before becoming a parent. Parenthood can be challenging. It is a steep learning curve, and your relationship may get put on the back burner in those early days. The Babymoon is your chance to relax, reconnect, and discuss how you will prioritise one another once the baby arrives. This could be as simple as writing a few activities you plan to do as a couple once you are parents. This is also a great opportunity to go on dates and enjoy each other's company. 

Warrior Soft Cup Ivory Worn By Mum in a Maternity Shoot

Babymoon Timing 

The next thing you need to consider is timing. We suggest taking your Babymoon between 16 and 27 weeks. The first trimester can be tough, and many mamas find themselves feeling nauseous and stressed waiting to hit the 12-week mark. The second trimester is often referred to as the sweet spot. The sickness and stress will hopefully subside and be replaced with much needed energy. The third trimester is also an option, but keep in mind that you may start to feel uncomfortable, and travel might not be an option.  

During the second trimester, your body is flourishing, and your breasts and belly are growing. A Babymoon is a great excuse to top up your lingerie drawer. As your body expands, you may need to size up in the band and cup. If you are unsure of your bra size, check out our find my fit section or contact one of the Hotmilk team for fitting advice, a good rule of thumb would be to try a band size AND a cup size bigger than your current bra to allow for growth in pregnancy, and to allow for nursing when the milk comes in postpartum. If you are unsure if you will breastfeed, choose one of our styles with discreet magnetic nursing clips or no clips. We also suggest checking in with your doctor before heading away.

Babymoon Activities 

Babymoon Mum Relaxing


The Babymoon is all about recharging before your little one arrives. So before you get carried away planning a full itinerary of activities, remember this is an R&R trip. Activities like visiting the day spa walks in nature, and beautiful meals are enough to keep you occupied. This can also be the perfect opportunity for a technology detox, spending quality time with yourself, your partner or close friends. Here are a few of our favourite babymoon activities

  • Sleeping in
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Long walks
  • Movies 
  • Cafe hop 
  • Pregnancy yoga or pilates
  • Long lunch 
  • Facial or pregnancy massage
  • Naps lots of naps 
  • Reading
  • Dinner reservations 
  • Skincare and pampering

This can also be a fantastic time to snap a few photos of you and your bump. Make sure you are stocked up on a few maternity sets. We suggest a multi-fit bra that will grow with you and can be worn again when breastfeeding. We love The Warrior Soft Cup & Warrior Bikini or True Luxe Multifit and matching brief. 

Warrior Soft Cup Worn By A Mother for a Maternity Shoot

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Our Top Five Australian Babymoon Destinations

How you are feeling and how far along you are might help decide the location of your Babymoon. If you are feeling great, travelling overseas won't be a problem. Thankfully for us living in Australia, there is always a beautiful option on our doorstep. If you are a foodie like us it could be worth looking at a few restaurant menus ahead of time to make sure they include foods you can/want to eat. 

Here are a few of our favourite places to Babymoon


Babymoon Destination Hobart

Hobart is one of Australia's most beautiful cities. Framed by the rugged figure of Kunanyi/Mount Wellington and the flow of the vast River Derwent. Beyond the mountain, river and stunning scenery, Hobart is culture and dining personified—the perfect mix of city and nature. You can't go wrong with Hobart. 

How to get here: 

The only way to get to Hobart is by sea or air. However, once you arrive it's easy to get around either on foot, by car or by public transport.

Palm Cove 

Palm Cover Babymoon Destination

Located in Northern Cairns on the Coral Coast, Palm Cove is home to luxurious restaurants, beautiful spas and award-winning resorts. This beautiful beachfront esplanade is the perfect seaside escape for expectant parents. 

How to get here:

Getting to Palm Cove takes approximately 25 minutes from Cairns and around 30 minutes from Port Douglas by car. Thanks to its proximity to Cairns, the gateway to Tropical North Queensland, getting to Port Douglas is by air, road or rail and flights. 

Margaret River 

Babymoon Destination Margaret River

Known for its profound cultural knowledge and connection to the land. Margaret River is truly a special place. The perfect location to indulge in incredible food, immerse yourself in the art scene and discover the pristine natural environment. 

How to get here 

The best way to get to Margaret river is to fly into Perth Airport (PER) and drive 280 km (174 mi) south to Margaret River. You can also fly directly into Busselton Airport (BQB) from Perth and Melbourne, then drive about 45 minutes to Margaret River.

Byron Bay 

Byron Bay Babymoon Destination

Explore one of Australia's most iconic lifestyle destinations. Known for its alternative culture, easygoing surfers and off-the-grid hippies. Byron Bay is the perfect combination of lush rainforests, amazing food and beautiful beaches. 

How to get here:

The closest airport to Byron Bay is the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (BNK) which is only around 35 minutes from the town's centre and offers daily flights to and from most major Australian cities. 


Not interested in travelling too far, why not book a staycation? This is the perfect opportunity to explore your hometown as a tourist. Hit the day spa, book that restaurant you have always wanted to try and enjoy the fact you haven't wasted any time travelling. 

A few things we highly recommend you pack

  • A good book or podcast. We all love a good Netflix series, but there is something to be said about reading a book. It is the ultimate in relaxation. 
  • A journal - this is the perfect opportunity to connect with yourself and your little one. You could write down your birth plan, thoughts about pregnancy and even a letter to your baby. This is such a special time remember to document it! 
  • Pamper pack - nail polish, face mask, hair mask and skincare. This escape is about coming home rejuvenated. Do all the things you don't get time for during the day-to-day. 
  • Body oil during the second trimester, your belly and breasts will be growing, and this can cause your skin to itch. We suggest investing in a beautiful body oil to nurture your skin. One we love is Pure Mama. 
  • Something beautiful to sleep in - new pyjamas or a nice robe. 
  • Loungewear. Comfort is key! Think supersoft sets that you can melt into the couch wearing. 
  • Activewear and walking shoes. As you hop from cafe to cafe, you will need comfortable shoes and a cute activewear set. 
  • A few outfits for dinner dates. Take advantage of the opportunity and book a few date nights. When you are up with a newborn, these are the memories you will cherish! 
  • Camera additional to your phone, a Polaroid or film camera is a great way to capture the moment. 

Lastly, remember that this is your opportunity for an indulgent escape and a chance to relax and reconnect before the excitement of your new arrival. The aim of the game here is to come back feeling relaxed and ready for the next chapter. 

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