The importance of gratitude in Motherhood


The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

We all know how amazing and special Motherhood is, however I’m sure all of us would agree, Motherhood can be darn hard. Between the constant broken sleep, the on-demand breastfeeding, having to pack a whole suitcase just to go and get coffee plus everything else life demands. Motherhood is hard work. ‘HOWEVER’, and we say that with great motherhood power; gratitude is one thing we should never forget and always practice. There will always be moments of complaint and tears, but try to always find gratitude in what you’re doing to instantly remind you that life is good!

As you rest on the coach after a morning of craziness to feed a crying baby, lie back and think how amazing it is to witness your boobs meeting so many of your babies needs. From nutritional needs to emotional needs. Feeding your baby is a gift that you should forever feel grateful for.

As you resignedly swing your feet out of bed for the 3rd time to console your upset baby, remember they find so much peace in your cuddle. Your voice (and possibly boobs) is the one thing that makes them happy. How amazing that you are their world and you will forever carry that strong bond.

As the washing pile builds up and you struggle to make headway of a drowning laundry, take time to appreciate their precious onesies and their tiny wee socks. They grow so fast and before long they’ll be so much bigger and the washing pile will be twice the size!

As you head out the door to have coffee with friends and grab your handbag filled with so much baby stuff, you can hardly even fit your lippy in, remember how amazing you are for even agreeing to have coffee and leave the house. It’s a big deal and should be rewarded…so go enjoy that coffee and wear your favourite lippy… because you’re awesome!

Thanks to @carlypinchin for the inspiration to share such wisdom xxx

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